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Machine Learning Automation

Sometimes, the amount of data is just overwhelming. And even if you think you covered everything, you perhaps miss out some opportunities which only can be seen by a data driven algorithm.

With the power of a neural net we cluster and automatically identify opportunities in your data. We allocate the right bid and add keywords or negative keywords based on your corresponding ad group structure.

Smart Keyword Management

It is known that you should create an automated campaign and manual campaigns for each product. From then on you should keep track of the keyword management and especially of the negative keyword management.

With BidX you can set up a structure of corresponding ad groups. Therefore we automatically analyze all your campaigns for syntax identifier to point out the matching ad groups and keep track of the tiring work. We also help you to automatically check and adjust your naming syntax.

Optimize Every Single Bid

Did you ever want to create rules for time-consuming adjustments? Why not get more money from your Amazon ads with less work?

With BidX you can build a customized rule with all the requirements you can imagine! No limits where the rule should be applied, which keyword should be excluded and which requirements should be fulfilled. This not only works for Seller Central but also with Sponsored Brands. For the best overview you can organize them with our super slim desktop like folders.

Monitor All Your Performance Accurately

Do you remember the days of bulk files, pivot tables and tireless spreadsheet analysis? They are over, as of today! View all key performance metrics in one location at a glance!

BidX automatically analyses performance data, search terms, keywords and bids. You can get an overview of all your marketplaces at once and compare those to each other. With BidX, managing Amazon accounts is simple, smart and efficient.

Analyze Search Terms

In Amazon you do not even get to see your search terms without downloading the bulk file. Same for your SKU performance. Do you want to get rid of this annoying work?

Dive deeply into all your advertising data, sort them and discover profitable search terms directly for all your accounts. BidX shows you the data for Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands.

Access Your Valuable History

You can’t change the past, but with past performance data you can make better decisions in the future! While Amazon discards your old bids as soon as you change them, BidX stores all of them! So you can check the best bid for each keyword.

We store all changes made in Seller Central or by a 3rd party app for you for example the valuable bid history. See how different bids affected your ACoS, impressions, clicks, sales, conversion rate, and more.

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